Thursday, 10 April 2014

Textile Machinery For Education - Really?

The variation of business models available in the modern world never ceases to amaze me. It seems you can niche down to unbelievable levels nowadays...and still build a profitable business.

I was introduced to a Guy called Richard Best who lives in Wigan (in the North of England). Richard is an expert on all things and all makes of sewing machinery. He's alsoa bit of a whizz with Overlockers and Embroidery machines as well.

And, he'd worked as a sewing machine engineer for many years. But...he wantd to do something that was a little bit different whilst retaining his core skills.

So, a few years back after a lot of thought and discussion with his wife, an idea started to form.

The textile machine market was very fragmented in terms of supply, maintenance and consumables. Most players provided salesand servcies across an eclectic mix of business, education and private individuals. No one company specialised, every one was trying to be a "jack of all trades" in supplying across the board.

What Richard realised was that each different market (so, say education versus manufacturing) had very different, unique needs in terms of supply.

For example a home user will only want a machine for her own use. To mend and make clothes, but on a relatively irregular basis. However, go a to a manufacturer and any downtime is money lost. Plus machines have to be hard wearing.

But one area stood out - education. The set of needs were so unique and no-one really majored on supplying schools, colleges and universities.

For example, machines had to be hard wearing due to constant use, but also robust because, school children are not renowned for their respect of school property. Machines need to be able to withstand this.

Downtime and lack of consumables in a school means that some students cannot take their lessons. There is also the cycle of term time and holiday time to take into account, and there are specialist consumables that are only used in education.

This was the area to specialise in!

Three years later Project Textiles is the premier supplier of choice to many education authorities acorss England, Scotland and Wales. They are sensitive to the very special needs required of textile machinery in education. They also offer very specific educational maintenance agreements and consumable supply terms to help schools and colleges get through the budget cycle.

They have gone from strength-to-strength simply by identifying a specific need within the wider market.

If you are responsible for sewing machines in a school or any textile machinery in education, look up Richard. You can find his site by Clicking HERE

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