Friday, 11 April 2014

A Photographer's Eye View

I do a lot of work with photographers doing their SEO for them and it gives me a truly unique insight into what makes a photographer tick.

So, I was working with Alex Davies from Alexandra Jane Photography and over lunch we had a really interesting chat about all things "taking pictures". Alex is an interesting case in point as it happens. She had a very successful photography business in Lancashire. However, she had to move due to her husband's work commitments so had to start all over again in Oxford.

The first thing that says to me is "brave lady"! To walk away from a thriving business in an area you know initmately and start in a very different area not knowing anyone or having any contacts is a big thing.

This made me very interested in what motivated Alex. I'm a bit of a student of psychology and "positive attitude" on the side so I was interested to find out. It was a very revealing chat.

The first thing that Alex made abundantly clear was her complete and absolute love for taking pictures. O.K, I can understand that because I know you can get a real buzz from seeing a top notch picture. I can also understand the buzz you'd get as the photographer when a picture turns out beyond your expectations. I have experienced that on the odd occasion myself!

So, I wanted to get a bit deeper into why she loves it so much.

She agreed that getting the perfect picture from a technical viewpoint was very satisfying. So, getting the light spot on, the exposure, the shadows, any effects and the general goodness of the image created. That was almost a by-product for Alex.

And, when she really thought about it, she experienced what I can only describe as a "lightbulb" moment.

"Do you know", she said. "It's the emotion I get into the pictures....", she paused. "That's what makes it so exciting, satisfying and, yes emotional for me too".

"I just so enjoy seeing the love in a newly maried couple. The joy in their faces, that look that says right at this moment - I love you", she thought for a second. "That joy between a mother, father and child when they're kicking leaves or a father is picking up his son and they look straight at each other with joy and laughter".

"It's beyond priceless".

Looking at some examples that Alex showed me of her favourite shots, I can see exactly what she means. It's a nano second in some cases and she has to capture that. It's a glance, a knowing look - a split second that encapsulates everything the situation is about. It's absolutely charged with high emotion. It's beautiful.

"It is just so incredibly rewarding to be trusted to do this and then to actually deliver what will be a lifetime memory for the people involved", and she drifted off into a past photo shoot. We drank the rest of our coffee in silence looking at some brilliant images of weddings and families. Indeed - priceless.

If you're interested in a photographic shoot for family, lifestyle or indeed an upcoming wedding, you can find Alex's site - Alexandra Jane Photography - checking out this link.

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